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Gap Armour can be installed anywhere where wood or caulking has deteriorated, splintered or completely fallen out of concrete expansion joints.

Make your residential or commercial concrete area safer and better looking with the confidence that you are using a high-quality, American Made product that will last!

Gap Armour vs. new wood

  • No sawing to find right fit
  • Has gripping power and stays in
  • Won’t crack/splinter or pop out
  • Completely seals joint to block water
  • Bugs/Pests are not interested in rubber
  • Quick to install

Gap Armour vs. liquid caulk

  • No messy squeezing or self-leveling
  • Easy to determine amount needed
  • Use instantly (no cure/dry-time)
  • Won’t decay, crack and loose grip
  • Superior durability & looks
  • Can’t be punctured – “High-heel Proof”!

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The Product

Gap Armour is a commercially strong, flexible rubber material that permanently fills in concrete expansion joints.  Gap Armour is a revolutionary alternative to the past options of gooey tube caulk or wood expansion joints that are difficult to install and quickly weather over time.  If you have been searching for a long-term solution that is both easy to use and incredibly durable, you have found the right product…Gap Armour.

  • Highest Grade additives for strength and durability
  • The only one of its kind with added UV and fungus inhibitors
  • Easy to install with only a few simple tools
  • Radius-top design looks cleaner and keeps water from settling
  • Designed to sit recessed below the top of the joint, clear of feet, tires, snow blowers, etc.
  • Four different sizes to fit concrete expansion joints of varying widths
  • Three different colors to choose from
  • Made in the USA !

Install 1

The Install

  1. Purchase our test kit (see video) to determine the total footage of each width you need.  You may need more than one size.
  2. After using the test kit to determine size/length/color, go online to order.
  3. Clean out concrete joints to a minimum depth of 1.5″.  It is not necessary to back-fill the open gaps,  but if you wish to fill the void, simply use inexpensive play sand, decomposed granite or small pebbles, all these can be purchased at you local hardware or gardening store.   All these will easily fill voids under Gap Armour, as well as provide additional support.
  4. Hit Gap Armour into the joints….Tools needed to install:  1. rubber hammer  2. cutting tool (pvc pipe cutter or pruning shears) 3. chisel 4. heavy hammer (3lb) .  The chisel and heavy hammer aren’t always necessary, watch our videos to see how we use them.
  5. GOT QUESTIONS?  Call us at (855) 862-7668 or email at Chat@GapArmour.com


The Performance

  • Extremely thick and durable, Gap Armour cannot be punctured or broken once installed
  • Can withstand extremely cold and hot weather without cracking or degrading
  • Completely closes up concrete expansion joints
  • Inhibits water run-off underneath concrete slab
  • Virtually eliminates weeds and the need for weed-pesticides
  • Blocks ants/bugs/pests that would normally ‘enjoy’ wood expansion joints
  • Expected life of product once installed:  10+ years


Commercial, Associations, Municipalities & Property Management

  • High-heel” proof – Also small feet, bicycle, walking-cane, and wheelchair proof
  • Gap Armour will not deteriorate or peal apart – peace of mind knowing concrete areas are safe
  • No drying/curing time  –  Use concrete area instantly without fear of inclement weather or pedestrian use during cure time
  • Install on an as-needed basis, no waste –  No need for mixing up a batch of caulk.  Gap Armour comes in coils that can be stored for later use.  Bring out a coil and install 10 feet or 100’s of feet.  Either way your team only uses what they need.

Colors & Sizes

Want to find the perfect match for your cement area?  Gap Armour comes in 3 different colors giving you options like never before. Now you can match your cement area and also match surroundings like homes, siding, gutters or other finishings.   Choose an option that provides distinct lines in your cement area or an option that is more subtle and ‘hides’  the gap from being so noticible.

Gap Armour comes in 3 different colors: Graphite (grey), Adobe (a med-dark tan) and Walnut (dark brown).

Gap Armour comes in 4 different sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″. Typical gaps in driveways and sidewalks use  3/4″ or 1″, but there are cases where the 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ are needed.     It is also very common for a particular job to need multiple sizes, even if the expansion joints all started out at the same size.  This is typically due to shifting and movement throughout the life of the concrete slabs.

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Gap Armour is an innovative, rubber material that is easily

installed (with a rubber hammer) into open concrete joints to completely seal and protect.
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