Leaves in gaps no more leaves... wood rotting out sealed and great looking beware little bicycle tires! smooth & sealed surface wood completely gone leading to erosion underneath problem solved driveway weeds, ugh! no more chemicals needed water run off causing erosion under slabs Gaps sealed Muddy Joints & Moldy Wood Clean and mud-free!

What is Gap Armour?

Gap Armour is an innovative, rubber material that is easily
installed (with a rubber hammer) into open concrete joints to completely seal and protect.
How does Gap Armour help your concrete?

Gap Armour is Safety!
Concrete gaps with splintery wood or large openings are hazardous. These Gaps can
be dangerous for ankles, high heels, little feet, bicycle tires etc.

Gap Armour is Protection!
Open gaps allow water to run under concrete areas allowing soil erosion. Over time this erosion
causes large spaces underneath and any added weight on top (like a car) and CRACK!, cement repair time.

Gap Armour is Durable!
Extremely strong PVC rubber with heavy-duty thick walls and the only one of it’s kind with
added UV protection and fungicides, Gap Armour has superiour durability and weather resistance

Gap Armour is Good Lookingness (yes, it’s a word)!
Our radius-top design rounds into the gap, creating a seamless, more appealing look,
and say bye-bye to weeds, mud, debris and bugs/pets that pile up in your concrete gaps.


Solve all your driveway, patio, pool or public concrete joint problems by Armouring them with Gap Armour.
The no-mess installation, longer lasting, stronger concrete gap filler!

Transformation Video Here!

Typical Issues

Unsafe Gaps, rotted wood & weeds placeholder image

  • Open and unsafe cement gaps
  • Rotted or splintery wood
  • Safety Issues - tripping & falling
  • Weed Breeding
  • Water run-off through joints causing erosion under cement slabs
  • Inability to use liquid-caulk to fill gaps due to very long cure time

Issues Solved

with GAP Armour placeholder image

  • Seals gaps, minimizing water run-off & weed growth
  • Safer for kids, bicycles, wheel chairs, ankles & high heels
  • Weather Resistant with 10+ year Life Expectancy
  • The only UV-Grade, Fungicide protected, extruded Gap Filler
  • Instantly usable and looks amazing!

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Tools to repair expansion joints with Gap Armour

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