On your yard…

Have you ever stopped to consider what you spend on your lawn every year? I have a general idea, but had never calculated what we spend every year on lawn MAINTENANCE.  I write maintenance in caps because it is just that, it doesn’t add any value to your home. For the most part what we spend on our lawn will grow back or erode away in a few months or a few days.

If you use a lawn maintenance company a year’s expenses may look something like this:

Cutting (7-8 months)   $1,100
Mulch (2 times)              $300
Fertilizer/Chemicals        $100
Trimming                      $100
Color                             $100

$1,700   (crazy, this equates to $8500 every 5 years!)

If you do your lawn yourself you have the basic miscellaneous costs like (gas, edger-chord, fertilizer, mulch, wear-and-tear on your equipment, etc.) maybe $300 per year, but you also have your time. How much do you make per hour? If you make $20.00/hr. and work 4 hours per week for 7 months out of the year, you get to $2400 of your time per year plus expenses. Yes some people actually enjoy doing their lawn, but there are plenty that would rather spend that time with family or just relaxing and enjoying the thoughts of going back to work on Monday, right!?

THE BOTTOM LINE,,,one way or another, you will spend plenty of money on your lawn to keep it up. This doesn’t add any value to your house, it simply keeps up with the neighbors, HOA requirements and just plain makes you feel good to have a nice looking lawn.

Something’s strange…with all this money being spent, our driveways still look like this…

Armour Me

We have great looking lawns right next to this? Rotted out wood expansion joints, missing wood, constant weed growth and open hazardous gaps are your outdoor enemy! Plus, how much time do we spend pulling weeds and edging out these expansion joints just to make them look decent? Never fear,,, you can make your driveway, and expansion joints, look incredible for way less than you are spending per year on lawn maintenance.

Great Expansion Joints

This is not MAINTENANCE! Installing Gap Armour increases the value of your home permanently and enhances the beauty AND SAFETY of your outdoors area significantly.  Fix your driveway expansion joints  by installing yourself or letting us do it for you!  Gap Armour makes it easy to permanently add value to your outdoor area.