Want to go old-school on your driveway expansion joints. That would require some backer rod and some self leveling caulk. Both of these items can be bought at any big box home improvement store. But buyer beware. In order to pull this job off well (and make it look clean and neat) serious skills and patience are required. Plus you have the standard cement-caulking pitfalls like:

1. “pooling” at lower end of driveway gap
2. caulk looking like a wavy ribbon
3. messy and its messy, oh and its messy
4. cure time,,,no driving on your driveway for a few days
5. cracking, peeling and molding that comes with older caulking (don’t worry, you’ll get to do it again in a couple of years).
6. buyers remorse that comes with the purchase of a lesser product

Self Leveling Caulk

But in all fairness, there are some benefits to use of cement caulk:

1. Working hard to draw a clean, straight line, brings you back to childhood school days
2. The process helps increase your patience level
3. Spending time mixing colors (if you don’t want white) can be fun
4. May leave a great place to store cigarette butts

commercial caulk cement caulk

Gap Armour produces a clean, even line and comes in several sizes for a perfect fit into your driveway gaps. With several colors to choose, is the obvious choice if you want your driveway gaps to look great immediately! Plus, it’s the only product of its kind with UV protection and fungicides to block nasty fungus, so it will look great for a long, long time…

Fix Driveway Gap