Gap Armour is a patent-pending, commercial-strong, flexible rubber material that easily and quickly fills in expansion joints in all types of concrete areas such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, pools, as well as any commercial applications. Gap Armour is an innovative alternative to the past options of gooey tube caulking and wood expansion joints that weather over time. Gap Armour completely seals the joints and makes your concrete area safer, cleaner and more beautiful!

Gap Armour is an innovative solution to repairing expansion joint gaps because it is easy to install with just a few simple tools, involves no curing/drying time, is extremely durable and flat-out looks amazing.

Gap Armour is easy to install using a rubber hammer and cutting tool such as a PVC pipe cutter or sharp pruning shears (you may need a chisel and heavy hammer for those tighter concrete joints).   Simply watch our installation videos, and of course call us anytime with installation questions, we love to help.

Absolutely! Gap Armour is perfect for commercial applications because there is no down-time curing process that comes with standard caulking. Gap Armour will last through the hottest summers and coldest winters without shredding and dislodging like standard caulk.  Lastly, Gap Armour is “high heel-proof” – limit your liability by installing a product that can’t be punctured!

Gap Armour comes with a 10-year product warranty covering major cracking/breaking/eroding that may occur due to natural elements that would render the product ineffective.  Damage caused from lawn care equipment (such as edgers, weed eaters, etc.) is not covered.

Gap Armour is manufactured in a state of the art facility that produces rubber products in many different industries.  Gap Armour is designed to last and is the only product of its kind with both UV and Fungus inhibitors, 2 ingredients that are necessary to keep an outdoor rubber product from turning black from mold and/or becoming brittle and damaged (or turning colors) from extreme UV rays.

Gap Armour works all by itself!  No need to spend money/time on backer rod, caulking or adhesives.  Simply pound Gap Armour into an empty expansion joint with a rubber hammer and it locks into place. Our innovative design, combined with the rubber material being hit into gritty concrete walls, create this locking-in effect.

Definitely! Gap Armour has been used from Canada to Texas and has been praised by the normal home owner to the commercial management company for it’s durability in very cold to extremely hot weather.

We currently manufacture 4 widths of Gap Armour.  Current sizes are 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ & 1-1/4″,  (all widths are approximately 1-1/4″ deep).  When determining the size you need, measure the most interior walls of your concrete  gap and choose a width that is right at or slightly larger than your measurement.   Concrete often shifts over time, and because of this, it is often the case that more than one size is needed.

We sell a test kit that eliminates the need for measuring.  Simply take our test kit strips by popping them into your concrete joints to quickly determine what size (or sizes) you need for your project.  COLORS:  Did we mention colors?  Gap Armour comes in 2 beautiful colors to give you more options when matching your concrete area.

NEW SIZE COMING SOON:  Be on the lookout for a width that accommodates 2×4 expansion joints.