If you have a cement driveway, you probably have expansion joints.  If you have expansion joints then you probably have expansion joints problems.  Of course we’re not talking ‘end-of-the-world’ problems, more along the line of ugly annoyances.

But first let’s briefly talk about expansion joints.   Expansion joints are the gaps that run up and down (and across) your driveway and sidewalk.  These gaps originally had some healthy, nice-looking wood in them.  The wood was placed there originally to help prevent your cement from cracking and splitting.  Why?  How?  Well cement, like most anything else, contracts and expands during extreme weather changes.  Without the wood placed in between concrete slabs, these slabs would press up against each other with great force and weight until one of them cracked.

Although these wood expansion joints serve a purpose there is a downfall.  Over time, they start to crack, decay, rot and fall out.  This leaves you and your driveway with an eye-sore… Muddy gaps, rotted or missing wood and weeds, Yuck!


Then there’s the safety issue.  What fits nicely in these open gaps?  High heels, bicycle tires, wagon wheels and small feet.   My ankles are bad enough without having the opportunity to twist a foot in one of these open gaps.   Not to mention how perfectly my 2-year-old’s tricycle tires fit in those gaps.   Oh and don’t forget splinters, ouch!

What to do?  Say NO! to ugly expansion joints and Armour your Driveway!  Yep that’s right, Armour it with beauty and Armour it with safety.  Gap Amour will do this for you.  It’s the newest alternative to gooey caulk.  You can install yourself (you do-it-yourselfer-you) or have a local dealer install it.  Either way it will look beautiful and provide a safer place for your friends and family to hang out for years and years.