Buy Direct and Install Yourself

We offer a toll-free number for ordering or installation questions.  We can help you determine what will work best for your concrete project, so give us a call to discuss anything ‘Gap Armour’.Gap Armour is easy to install, and our installation videos will help you along the way.    Once you’ve ordered and received your Gap Armour, a rubber hammer, cutting tool will get you started.  You may also need a chisel and heavy hammer for those tighter fitting expansion joints.

TIP:  Buy our Test Kit  (read about it below).  This is the best way to get started with Gap Armour.   Use the test kit to determine the color, length and size (or sizes) for your project.

Have Us Install for You

HOUSTON TEXAS – FREE Quotes:  Let us do the work for you (in select areas)!   We will do the extraction of your expansion joints and full installation of Gap Armour expansion joint product.  Call our toll-free number to schedule a quick 10-minute quote for your concrete area

If you would like to discuss anything Gap Armour related, email us at,

or Call us toll-free at (855) 862-7668

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** Clearing the remaining wood/debris in your expansion joints is needed to prepare them for Gap Armour.    Removing wood 1-1/2″ down will provide plenty of room for Gap Armour, anything below that can be left in place (why work too hard?) as it will not affect the installation.  Some tools used to get the old wood out:  hammer, long screwdriver, chisel, mallet or other prying tool.   Don’t forget your safety glasses and some good knee pads!

Gap Armour Standard Pricing

Buy Direct Price :  We sell by the foot, order any amount you choose.  Largest continuous run available is 100ft.

1/2″ Size – $2.59/foot

3/4″ width – $2.69/foot

1″ width  –  $2.79/foot

1-1/4″ width – $3.09/foot

Let us install: free quotes in the Greater Houston.

Let us install Commercial:  forget all the caulking issues, Gap Armour can be walked on instantly and never worry about high heels puncturing your expansion joint material again!

Test Kits

Test Kit:  $8.95   Trying to determine the size and color for your project?  Buy our test kit for $8.95 .  This kit includes strips of all 4 widths and a mix of all our colors.  Armed with 4 width sizes, you can confidently find the width you need for each expansion joint in your project.  No need to use a tape measure or ruler to determine size, pop each test piece in and instantly determine the one that provides a snug fit that completely seals up your expansion joints.    Call us with any questions or to order a kit!

Contractors Test Kit:  $20.00    Are you a contractor or a “do-it-yourselfer” that just wants to see what several feet of Gap Armour looks like once installed?   Order our Contractors test kit and get four 2ft-long strips instead of the 6 inch strips in our standard test kit.  The contractors kit is good for very large projects or if you plan on using these samples to display for customers.

Colors & Sizes

Want to find the perfect match for your cement area?  Gap Armour comes in 3 different colors giving you options like never before. Now you can match your cement area and also match surroundings like homes, siding, gutters or other finishings.   Choose an option that provides distinct lines in your cement area or an option that is more subtle and ‘hides’  the gap from being so noticible.

Gap Armour comes in 2 different colors: Graphite (grey) and Adobe (a med-dark tan).

Gap Armour comes in 4 different sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″. Typical gaps in driveways and sidewalks use  3/4″ or 1″, but there are cases where the 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ are needed.     It is also very common for a particular job to need multiple sizes, even if the expansion joints all started out at the same size.  This is typically due to shifting and movement throughout the life of the concrete slabs.