With New sizes and colors, installation of Gap Armour now provides even greater protection and increased options for matching your cement area for a beautiful look.

Gap Armour widths are now in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, and 1 1/4″. In many cases a driveway or cement area has a need for different widths due to shifting that has occured over time. By adding new widths, Gap Armour now seals gaps better than ever before providing protection against water run-off that erodes the soil under the cement area.


Want to find the perfect match for your cement area? Gap Armour comes in 3 different colors giving you options like never before. Now you can match your cement area and also match surroundings like homes, siding, gutters or other finishings. You also now have the option to choose an option that provides distinct lines in your cement area or an option that is more subtle and blends in or ‘hides’ the gap from being so noticible.

3 Colors

Graphite Grey matches cement that is more of a light grey. While the Adobe (light brown) and Walnut (dark brown) offers options for areas that have tans/browns and “pebble stone” type areas. Walnut and Adobe also provide a great look for areas where natural colored pavers are used.